Robin van Fifa Coins Persie

Robin van Fifa Coins Persie’s brace handed Manchester United 2-1 victory at Southampton and gave Louis Van Gaal first English Premier League blood in his ten-year feud with Ronald Koeman. Van Persie ghosted onto Jose Fonte’s loose backpass before flicking home Wayne Rooney’s rangy free-kick to seal United’s fifth-straight victory.

Graziano Pelle had levelled for Saints with his first goal in six games, but in the all-Dutch managers’ tale of master meets apprentice, artisan Netherlands striker Van Persie stole the show. Van Gaal employed Koeman to coach in his Barcelona set-up, but fell out with the former Holland full-back at Ajax in 2004.

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Play With FIFA 15 4-1-4-1 Formation

Strikers Fifa 15 Coins position should have high attacking and low defending work rate. He should be able to finish well with a high heading accuracy. A suitable player in this position is Mario Mandzukic. This formation lacks attack due to its lone striker, therefore the striker will need a lot of assistance from the center midfielders.

The left center back will also need defending as an important attribute. In addition to defending this player should have great pace. The left center back should have a high defending and a medium attacking work rate. A good player suggested for this role is Nicolas Nkoulou.

With our detail information about 4-1-4-1 formation and the work rate the individual player should have in that position, how far do you understand it? Hope our analysis will help you build your best team.

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This bug turns FIFA 15 into that

Remember when you were a Fifa 15 Coins kid playing football in the playground, and everyone ran towards the ball rather than spread out?

This bug turns FIFA 15 into that.

Some players of FIFA 15 on PC have encountered a bug that sees all the players race towards the centre of the pitch – including the goalkeepers – right after kick off.

The funny bug has caused a raft of customers to complain on the EA website, post videos and screenshots of the issue and call for a fix pronto.

We’ve rounded up a couple of the best videos, below, to show what’s happening.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team updates with extra content

The FIFA Ultimate Team app on iPhone and Fifa 15 Coins iPad has been updated in honor of World Aids Day 2014, taking part in Apple’s special edition store, dubbed “Apps for (RED)” to mark the occasion.

25 apps are offering exclusive content to raise money in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The campaign is running from November 24 through to December 7. FIFA Ultimate Team has got into the spirit by offering fans the opportunity to grab themselves an in-form Marquez.

Users can look out for special RED FIFA points packs and the unique RED tournament for a limited time. If players manage to make their way through tough opposition and win the RED tournament they will receive in-form Rafa Marquez as a prize. That’s on top of the 500 licensed teams, 10,000 players and 30 leagues that the app already features.

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Fifa 15: One Impressions For Xbox, Ps4 And Pc

One of the great games that we are introduced each season is the incombustible saga FIFA , the game this year we will have to call FIFA 15 , by that which fifa 15 coins we will enter the 2015 football simulator occupies the throne from virtual several seasons could not stop running an event like the Gamescom in Cologne (Germany) which is being held during this week, so it occupies a very prominent place in the logistics apparatus mounted Electronic Arts and EA Sports in the event German.

However, IGN Spain had the honor of attending a for several dates filing deprived of the latest developments that will be included in the game and where we could also play a few games at the demo that Electronic Arts has taken these days to Germany, along with several cheap fifa 15 coins colleagues from other media and with a very special guest, Alfonso Ramos , twice champion of the FIFA Interactive World Cup. The day also completed a full conversation with Sebastian Enrique , producer of FIFA 15.

Indeed, back in May and we could talk to Enrique in the fief Atletico Madrid’s Vicente Calderon. The mattress stadium played host to the first official presentation of FIFA 15, and on that occasion we could also pick up a controller and play a few games to play, although it was a clearly inferior version and less finished than these moments could try in Cologne.

In Calderón we got in a history of major developments including the game graphically, as remodeled players design, lighting, the new system will make the grass deteriorates over time party etc. Something that EA wanted us back in time to explain that we had with them, but soon began to surface new innovations that had not yet told us.

The first, much in demand by the gaming community sports simulator, is a redesign of the way we act and the intelligence of the gatekeepers . In previous FIFA, goalkeepers were limited to the first decision you took, making it impossible to switch on the fly. A clear example is the issue of the rebounds. If a front shot on goal and the ball hits a defender, the former FIFA goalkeeper could do nothing if already in animation stretched to where the ball was originally. In this year (thanks to the power of the new consoles) this aspect will be greatly improved, and finally the goalkeeper can make the important ground that both goalkeepers save in real life and in virtual were impossible to perform until now.

And not only can save the dreaded rebound goals in the area, but will also be more responsive to the outputs and can run backwards in the case of a jelly, and react to any place much more attention than they did in previous years. However, this has a slight disadvantage for them, as there will be new ways of scoring. With greater processing power the new machines, the goalkeepers have been retouched big considering its own joints (and I talked in the previous progress stops changed hand), including the legs. Until now, a shot of the front the doll, as they say in football slang, that was, shot at a wall almost never gain entry into the goal, but now have to be very careful at the outputs if we manage to archer as it will be sold if a clever attacker slips the ball between the legs, but this will have to do it at the right time.

Unfortunately, we could try the demo during the presentation, the porters had not yet listed all these new parameters, so that their intelligence was not fully tuned and even animations were crude and performed movements that could only be described as bizarre. This obviously will not happen in the final version so we clarified what EA Sports.

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What is Your Faith? Share Different Job Beliefs by WOW Players (2)

Now, this blog will continue share the job beliefs in world of warcraft. Maybe you haven’t realized how these job faiths give your game characters of combat when you fight for plenty of cheap wow gold. The following are warrior and hunter job faiths.

Solid bastion of forever – warrior: any charge beyond fear, any interception is lethal. Roar!!!!Trembling for my reckless! Run away! For my courage and bravery to crack! I will trust in you back, my good friend. Even if we cut off all means of retreat, shield wall never fall, also will not die. Many lost, deep water fountain of victory. Heaven in the left, warriors to the right, as long as I live, is one of the best strikers you!

Battle Defender: absolute defense is the most effective way to eliminate all attacks. Violent battle: don’t be angry, to control anger, make it into weapons can destroy all. Weapons war: the war started, you have lost — because I know you better of the sword than you. Players who choose the warrior role will enjoy the fight in addition to get enough wow items.

Will you be the next goal? – Hunter: let flurry clenched crossbow for me, let all over the sky spread across the road I walk the arrows. I hear the roar of the beasts, lurking in the shadows sly vomit a letter. The eagle guarding my sky, quietly waiting for the coming of the night, fall prey in my trap, please forget instinct to escape. My partner, please don’t be sad for blood, I will be with you always, to meet the killing after sorrow.

Survival hunters: forests, plains, mountain is my home; to the survival of any who compete with them is their tombs. Beast master hunters: once see you one eye, I know, I don’t have to prepare the pet’s lunch with world of warcraft gold. Shooting game: when you are my missing arrows shot through the throat, you will understand what the biggest sorrow is on the battlefield.

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The FIFA World V9.0 version

Today, EA’s online game FIFA World since the game released in the largest update, the game has been updated to V9.0 version, update patch size is 1.24 G, the more lines after the game engine will receive a major upgrade, which contains a touch, tactical free-kick, precision dribbling FIFA 15 Coins new features will be added to the new FIFA in the World.

One touch:

The introduction of the system has realized the separation of the touch control with the ball itself, makes the ball is not “sticky” at the foot of the players, the design for the foot ball game or trying to create more opportunities, make defensive player on the other side when the ball movement is too large to be immediately grab, poor catch all players to lose possession of the ball.

Precision dribbling:

In the heart of the games for us to show a more freedom, more intuitive, more real dribbling mechanism. Dribbling will no longer be predictable, the process of holding people want to become more threatening, but will also make it easier to make mistakes, so as to improve the balance between attack and defense.

A free kick:

Players in a free kick is can choose two or three people standing around the ball, and make any one buy fifa coins of them to make a fake action to cover the real kicker, tactical free-kick allowed under the condition of the ball to create their own tactics, either shoot or pass.

In addition to the three update, the game is to add about 2000 action contains technical action and celebrate action allows the player to make more action. Tactically also added a centre-back to participate in the attack, the whole team to suppress, two wings swaps and offside four tactics. For equipment operation, EA also redesigned the keyboard and mouse control makes some appears more reasonable on the operation and so on. In addition, also improved in some detail aspects, such as updating the game commentary, add six new stadium and new support for Italian.


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